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Who I am:

I am Cristin Pescosolido, and I have worked on over 70 films and venue shows as a VFX supervisor, match-move supervisor, stereo supervisor, CG supervisor, and compositor.

At MSG/Obscura, I was responsible for leading the VFX team, defining and designing the pipeline, bidding, and working with vendors, talent, and film crews as we designed extremely high-resolution content for the MSG Sphere.

At Lytro, I was responsible for leading the internal R&D VFX team, defining the on-set and post-production workflows, shaping camera and software design, and working with clients while working on bringing the first light field cinema and VR cameras to market.

Prior to Lytro, I was a stereo supervisor at Industrial Light and Magic, where I also worked as a CG supervisor and as a technical lead for designing and implementing ILM's canonical Nuke system.

I was classically trained in animation under Derek Lamb, Janet Perlman, Suzan Pitt, Jules Engel, and Christine Panushka, as an undergraduate at Harvard and graduate at CalArts.


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